About Us

It all started much the way a lot of great ideas start: some scribbles on a napkin, epiphany moments that make you shout, “Aha!", and conversations in the wee hours of the night. That time when sleep should be the thing on your mind, but instead you're deep in a conversation about missing gatherings and workshops.

That’s how Centered Hearth started.

A late-night conversation about missing the interaction and camaraderie at gatherings and learning new skills or information at workshops. 

And like all great ideas, it began with a question: “Wouldn’t it be great if…”? 

For Centered Hearth it was a question to which the answer became offering a platform to connect presenters to audiences to engage in live, interactive, virtual workshops. 

This idea was born out of the quarantines and stay-at-home orders and the desire to help people connect with each other in these times. It quickly became clear that this was something needed, missed, and desired by a lot of people. 

So, we set to work.  We had meetings. So many meetings. All the meetings. We figured out what we wanted, and possibly more importantly, what we didn’t. We figured out that we needed help, too. We found an amazing website developer who liked what we were doing and joined the team. We are super grateful he liked what we are doing and jumped on board. 

We all have common goals and desires for what Centered Hearth is and can be and we are excited to have you here and join us on this journey. 

What began as a crazy idea in the wee hours has become a full-fledged production. We have developed content that has something for everyone every day of the week. 

We want to bring content to everyone that is Earth-centric, New-Age, World-centric, Pagan, and Polytheistic in a way that not only encourages connection and community development, but that also welcomes people from all paths of life. To that end we established a Code of Conduct that helps us put forth the kind of community we want to develop and nurture. If you haven’t read it yet, please do.

Centered Hearth became a mission to provide an inclusive, safe space that is a platform to connect people in meaningful ways. To create a space where people can learn, express, and create in ways that they might not have previously. 

We at Centered Hearth want to welcome you to our virtual Hearth and invite you to join us as we create connection, content, and community. 

Join us at the Hearth fire! We can’t wait to meet you!

See ya ‘round the Hearth!

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